AC Input:100-240V~/5A 50-60Hz 265W

DC Output:+12VA==/17A MAX

Output Power:265W


AC Input:100-240V 50-60Hz 3.0A

DC Output:200W

Output Power:200w


AC Input:100-240V/12.9A

DC Output:+12VA/10.5A,+12VB/14.5A,200W

Output Power:200W


AC Input:100-240V~/5A 50-60 Hz

DC Output:280W

Output Power:280W


AC Input:(50-60 Hz) 100-240V~/2.6A

DC Output:185W

Output Power:185W


AC Input:(50-60 Hz) 100-240V ~7 A

DC Output:500W

Output Power:500W


AC Input:100-240V~(50~60Hz) 14A Max

DC Output:1300W AT AC INPUT 180.1~240V~

Output Power:1300W


AC Input:100-240V~/4.2A 50-60Hz

DC Output:+12 VA==/16.5A,+12 VB=16A

Output Power:260W


AC Input:100-240V ~50-60Hz /7.5A

DC Output:480W

Output Power:480W


AC Input:100-240V~50-60Hz 6A

DC Output:270W

Output Power:270W


AC Input:100-240V~10A 200-240V~4.8A

DC Output:+12V/54.4A +3.3VSB/5.25A

Output Power:670W


AC Input:100-240V ~4.7A 47-63 Hz (for worldwide use)

DC Output:+5V +3.3V

Output Power:305W


AC Input:

DC Output:

Output Power:750W


AC Input:100-240V ~6.1-3.2A 50/60Hz

DC Output:+12V == 38.92A

Output Power:502W


AC Input:100-240V~,50-60Hz,6.0A

DC Output:+12VA === 18.0A

Output Power:425W


AC Input:100-240V~/15.0-9.5A

DC Output:1100W AT AC INPUT 100-180V

Output Power:1400W

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